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In booking me

Hiring me, in brief

I welcome bookings from serious hobbyists and professionals alike.


In booking me you will be assured excellent pre communications, reliability and organisation. I will spend time understanding the concept or brief, researching brand identity or photographic styles so that on the day I am well equipped to deliver my best work

I'm annoyingly perky and chatty, even of an early morning. You'll also be treated to my horrific dance moves mid shooting and some pretty lame jokes, but when the camera is on me I bring it. Every single time. 

I love to hear after a shoot that you'll struggle to narrow down the images, as that means I've done my job well. And when someone comes back to me and says 'Thats the best shot i've ever taken' I could honestly jump for joy. I love when you feel your work has improved in working with me. That means the world.

Hiring me is an investment well worth making as your time shooting will be spent getting quality, usable and creative shots, throughout the entire shoot. I am confident I can deliver on your brief and bring your ideas to life.


My Rates

My half day rate is £140, plus travel expenses

My whole day rate is £260, plus travel expenses

Commercial projects I may quote individually. Please feel free to drop me an email with as many details as possible including duration, location, levels and budgets if appropriate.

I will always endeavour to be competitive with my rates and am very open to being flexible for the right project. I have a real passion for small, independent businesses and want to make the possibility of hiring a professional model for your brand an option for you. Please do approach me to see if we can come to a happy agreement. 


My family are also available for booking along side me, though due to the extra demand and focus this requires from me as both model and mother, we can not undertake collaborative work



Terms and conditions

I understand that things can happen, and I would much much rather reschedule than charge a cancellation fee. However, as I often take multiple bookings when in an area and will have split travel costs between all parties, including myself, cancellations can really affect my income.


Because of this I may request travel expenses for any cancellations within one week of the shoot date or start of tour date.

If we are not able to reschedule and a cancellation is made within 72 hours of our booking 100% of the payment will be due. This is to protect myself and my family financially.

In booking me you agree to these conditions

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