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Give your brand a flavour of the Dorset Coastline from anywhere in the world. Tess Lathey Coastal  takes care of everything when it comes to lifestyle branding imagery; from location scouting, story boarding, photography and editing. We can supply your brand with a curated gallery of lifestyle images showcasing your products to an incredibly high standard, plus video content, b-roll footage and exclusive behind the scenes to engage your audience.

These services are perfect for brands looking to build or cement a social media presence in the outdoor/adventure niche and nurture your community with beautiful coastal content and lifestyle imagery. We also take on a limited amount of children's brands under this umbrella

You can also hop on board our various expeditions within the UK and abroad.

Next international trip: San Fransisco to Arizona July 2024

Book an alignment call today to discuss how we can simplify showing up on social media for your team.

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