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Katherine Newman, commercial and life style photographer

When I first moved to Axminster and wanted to re-establish my business in the area after moving over to the UK from abroad, I posted on a local community forum. Tess was one of the first people to reach out to me (this being nearly 5 years ago now). She was genuinely kind, warm and eager to help. Over the years I have had many encounters with Tess and have worked with her enough times to be able to say she is truly a professional. She has the ability to connect with both camera and photographer to be able to produce results needed for the brief - from commercial to personal and everything in-between, this is one talented lady that will be right by your side to lift you up and encourage you along the way. Privileged to know this lady and I look forward to working with her many more times again in the future - highly, highly recommend.


Laura Anne Photography, commercial and editorial photographer

I have been lucky to have worked with Tess several times now and she always brings 100% to the shoot. She has a great look for fashion, editorial and art nude and she is a bit like a chameleon, able to change her look and persona as required by the brief. Her work standards are incredibly high both in front of the camera and behind and she is always professional when on set. She arrives on time and well prepped, which means getting to the actual shoot and easy process. Shooting for fashion photography can often be a stressful business and fast paced but she meets the challenge with ease, often having to work in public places where changing outfits can be difficult but she copes well and maintains discretion. During our time working together I have come to know Tess very well and I know if I needed a model at short notice she would do her very best to accommodate my requirements. Together we have created some stunning images, several of which have been published in magazines.


Julian Burr Photography

"I've worked with Tess a few times now and every time holds a new and creative surprise. She's organised and punctual with a great work ethic that means I am never concerned about being let down when I book with her. We've shot a few different concepts across a very wide range of styles and genres and she is an adaptable and dedicated model who can deliver every time, regardless of the brief. Tess represents terrific value for money for any photographer or brand and I can't recommend her enough"

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